New Law Allowing for Expungement of Crimes to take Effect this November

On Saturday, November 12th, a new law will be going into effect that will allow for the expungement of certain crimes after a period of ten years have passed since their final disposition.
The law will entitle those individuals who, for ten years prior, have carried criminal records of a misdemeanor in the second degree, a misdemeanor in the third degree, or an ungraded offense carrying a two year maximum sentence, be disseminated only to criminal justice or government agencies. This will essentially expunge these individuals of their criminal record for public record. The individual will have had to remain free of subsequent arrest or prosecution following their prior conviction.
There are provisions within this law for specific cases in which exceptional circumstances prevent the expungement. These include some cases involving varying degrees of assault, child abuse, aberrant sexual misconduct and intimidation of a witness, among others.
If thirty days pass without objections from notice being filed with the District Attorney, the expungement will clear the records of these people with criminal backgrounds meeting the criteria under the new law. Similarly, all criminal history record repository systems will potentially limit access to these individuals’ backgrounds after November 12th of this year.
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